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Hey everyone,
I have this weird addiction.. It's called.. SHOPPING!
Have you ever seen the movie 'Confessions Of A Shopaholic' ?
No? Then go watch it .. NOW! It's my absolute favorite chick flick and I can watch it every month without getting bored of it! 
Now on to my addiction, I think I'm doing better. My mom still sometimes argues with me that I spend too much money but it's A LOT better this year than it was last year!
Those paper bags in the pictures, I actually like to collect. These are from last year when I was in America, I pretty much shopped until I dropped in the US everytime we were near a mall because everything is cheaper in America and no other country gives you such an amazing shopping experience! I like to keep these bags because they remind me of my exchange year and I think I will never get rid of them until I have new ones.
And by the way, the VS bags are the prettiest paper bags I have EVER seen, how could ANYONE just throw them away? 
Anyways, a MAJOR thing that I miss about America is the shopping, this probably sounds very delusional but it is, Rebecca Bloomwood would understand.
I really hope all of you Fashionistas out there, get to experience an American shopping spree or already have! Thanks for reading, and let me kow your thoughts on shopping and if it's as important to you than it is to me.
At the end, those paper bags hold memories in them and so do the clothing or makeup pieces that once were in them. 

x Dascha

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