H&M Must-Haves

4:22 AM

                                                   Pants: Target (cut the hole in it myself), Vans: H&M
                                            Sweater: H&M, Pants: Hollister, Shoes: Converse
Jacket: Primark, Skort: Banggood, Shoes: H&M 

Hey guys, 
here are some of my latest h&m purchases/ must-haves!
The sweater is a couple sizes too big on me but I wanted it that way so it would look oversized. 
The leopard vans are very easy to pair with neutral colored outfits and look very casual but unique at the same time and last but not least my new platform heels! They are SUPER comfortable and you can dance and go clubbing with them without getting your feet hurting after hours. I'm so in love with them! 
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love you,
x Daria

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